Bethesda Blues & Jazz Sat 1/13/18 “Voices of a Generation Show”

The VI-Kings “Voices of a Generation Show.” Dylan, McCartney, Lennon, Aretha, Slick, Fogarty, Davies, Petula, Jagger, Carole, Pickett, ..the list is endless.  The music of the 1960’s is the soundtrack of our lives.  Over the course of a couple of hours, you’ll hear over 45 three minute masterpieces, painstakingly assembled by The VI-Kings and featuring six leader singers covering all styles of this fabulous era.  

It’s the theme for their show here at BBJ on January 13TH 

Local DC treasure Annie Sidley of The Sidleys, will be joining the ‘Kings on stage all evening. What a treat!
12-string guitar master Pete Cage will also be joining the VI-Kings when they unveil “Mr. Tambourine Man” and other 12-string guitar
nuggets that evening.  The VI-Kings, Bethesda’s home town band, return for their 8TH appearance at Bethesda Blues and Jazz. 

They are the breeze that blew through Liverpool, Surrey and Richmond, out of the Haight, down Sunset Boulevard, up the Mississippi and along South Michigan Avenue. It blew down Beacon Street, across Washington Park and into Georgetown.  The music of The VI-Kings is “the song in your head for decades.” Beatles Stones, Kinks, Credence, Dylan, Byrds, Yardbirds and on and on. There’s a reason this wonderful music has endured through the decades. It is joyous, fresh and as relevant today as it was the day it was released.

The VI-Kings are Joe Dolan, Stock Wilson, Matthew Maury, Bill Craig and the legendary Bob Berberich.

Bob Berberich was the original drummer in The Hangmen, who had a #1 hit with “What a Girl Can’t Do” in 1966, knocking the Beatles out of the #1 spot in DC. He then went on to be a founding member of Grin with Nils Lofgren, and later was part of the renowned Roslyn Mountain Boys.

Joe Dolan has been the front man for DC’s popular psychedelic punk recording band the Beatnik Flies since the mid 70s. Joe is the VI-Kings resident rocker, performing both lead and harmony vocals, rhythm guitar and a varied collection of hand instruments.

Stock Wilson has worked in original and cover bands in the DC area since the late ‘60s and continues to front his longtime roadhouse group the Loggers. His distinctive baritone voice can be heard on Doors covers in The VI-Kings. He is known to have one of the cleanest and most distinctive guitar sounds in town.

Matthew Maury was the bass player for Friends of the Family in the ‘70s and led Center Stage through ‘80s and ‘90s. Both were renown DC show groups. Matt is the ‘Kings musical director and leader, bass player and sings both lead and harmony vocals.

Guitarist/vocalist Bill Craig joined The VI-Kings in 2015. Bill is a 40 year veteran of the DC music scene, having performed with legendary groups such as Jr. Cline & the Recliners and was a founding member of the seminal late 70’s rock group Razz. He is a regular contributor to the popular Bandhouse Gigs concert series as well. Also a lead vocalist.