VI-Kings News

AMP by Strathmore Sat 6/16 8pm

This will be the 5th time that The VI-Kings have headlined this fantastic venue in North Bethesda.  It’s the big leagues, with a fantastic sound system, professional lighting, a great stage and a gorgeous environment that was built to present the best in live music to the Bethesda/DC area.  We always drop something special at […]

The Music Cafe-Sat 5/12/18-8pm

The VI-Kings are determined to play all the songs in our 150 song repertoire every year.  The Music Cafe affords us the opportunity to explore the back catalogue.  You might hear “Well Respected Man” by the Kinks, or “Good Times” by Sam Cooke, or “No reply” by The Beatles.  This will be a night full […]

JVs of Falls Church Sat 4/14/18

    The VI-Kings return to JVs of Falls Church, a music bar going all the way back to 1947, that’s 70 years for you math challenged fans!  There’s a reason a music bar stays in business for 70 years.  It’s just a terrific place to hear live music.  The proprietor Lorraine Campbell has kept […]

Clyde’s of Chevy Chase Sat 3/31/18

The VI-Kings return to The Race Bar at Clyde’s of Chevy Chase after a three year absence.  We are so excited to return to a venue we performed at 23 times from 20111-2015.  It’s a fun, lively place with a great stage and ample dance floor and centrally located in Chevy Chase Maryland near so […]

The Music Cafe-Sat 2/10 8pm

The exquisite Music Cafe in Damascus is the most intimate setting possible for experiencing The VI-Kings.  Only SIXTY seats are sold, no dance floor, you might as well be “in the band” you are so close and so much a part of the presentation.  We take this kind of opportunity to weave the stories behind […]

Bethesda Blues & Jazz Sat 1/13/18 “Voices of a Generation Show”

The Vi-Kings Tickets $20:   The VI-Kings “Voices of a Generation Show.” Dylan, McCartney, Lennon, Aretha, Slick, Fogarty, Davies, Petula, Jagger, Carole, Pickett, ..the list is endless.  The music of the 1960’s is the soundtrack of our lives.  Over the course of a couple of hours, you’ll hear over 45 three minute masterpieces, painstakingly […]