Meet The VI-Kings

The VI-Kings are the breeze that swept through Liverpool, Surrey and Richmond, out of the Haight, down Sunset Boulevard, up the Mississippi and along South Michigan Avenue. It blew down Beacon Street, across Washington Park and into Georgetown.”60s/early 70s Soundtrack of Your Life“. Beatles Stones, Motown, Kinks, Credence, Dylan, Eagles, Petty, Byrds, Marvin Gaye, James Brown and on and on. There’s a reason that this wonderful music has endured through the decades. It is joyous, fresh and as relevant today as it was the day it was released.

The VI-Kings are Bob Berberich, Joe Dolan, Matthew Maury, Bill Craig, Pete Cage and Sean Chyun.

England had Ginger Baker, LA had Hal Blaine, DC has Bob Berberich. The VI-Kings drummer is the legendary  percussionist who was a founding member of both The Hangmen, Grin with Nils Lofgren, and the Roslyn Mountain Boys.  Referred to often as “DC Rock Royalty”, Bob is the foundation and driving force behind The VI-Kings sound.

Joe Dolan, formerly the front man for DC’s popular psychedelic punk recording band the Beatnik Flies, Joe is the VI-Kings resident rocker, performing both lead and harmony vocals, rhythm guitar and a varied collection of hand instruments.

Matthew Maury was the bass player for Friends of the Family in the 70s and led Center Stage through 80s and ‘90s. Both were renown DC show groups. Matt is the ‘Kings musical director and leader, bass player and sings both lead and harmony vocals. He also runs the website you are now looking at.

Guitarist/vocalist Bill Craig is a 40 year veteran of the DC music scene, having performed with legendary groups such as Jr. Cline & the Recliners and was a founding member of the seminal late 70s rock group Razz. He is a regular contributor to the popular Bandhouse Gigs concert series as well.

Guitar impresario Pete Cage is the kind of guitar player that electrifies audiences and causes spontaneous applause.   Pete is also a student of the singular instrument that defined the mid-60s sound. He owns the real McCoy, a 12-string Rickenbacker guitar, the guitar that transformed the Beatles sound into Ticket to Ride, You can’t Do That, and dozens of others. It’s the sound of Mr. Tambourine Man by The Byrds.  Pete’s performance enhances the experience in a way that must be seen, and heard, to be appreciated.

Sean Chyun is The VI-Kings lead singer. An extraordinary talent and a musical “old soul” at the age of 37, Sean spent a wonderful year with The VI-Kings back in 2014 before moving on to full-time endeavors with his original band, The DCeivers. Sean returned to The VI-Kings in 2022, bringing with him one of the finest voices in the DC area and an encyclopedic knowledge of music from the 1960s and 1970s.

Former members of The VI-Kings include:

Annie Sidley 2017-2021.  Annie is “The Voice”, widely considered one of the more remarkable singers you’ll ever find. Annie and her original music band “The Sidleys” have released four acclaimed albums over the yars.

Stock Wilson 2010-2019.  Stock, a founding member of the band, resigned his position in 2019 to focus on his health and pursue other musical interests.  His guitar playing and lead vocals were signature staples of
the ‘Kings sound for almost a decade.

Bill Euler (2010-2014), a superb guitarist with a specialty on acoustic guitar. Bill passed in early 2014.

Rob Fisher (2012-2016) performed on drums for The VI-Kings for many years during the period in which The VI-Kings moved up to gigs such as Bethesda Blues and Jazz.  “DC’s Ringo”, Robbie was formerly with Midnight Shift.

Carol Gaylor (2015-2016), our first and original “songbird”, with one of the most dynamic and versatile voices in the DC area. Carol comes back for an occasional guest appearance from time to time, she’s a joy!